Internet Accessible CDMA 800 Application Service


18184U is providing a service of assisting application of internet accessible CDMA 800 line and setting up with your computer in Yangon. If you are in Yangon, it is very easy to go and do it yourself, but if you were in abroad for certain reason, it is not so easy for you to set up internet access for your family, especially if your parents and other relatives are not so skillful in IT.

C 8500
18184U will be assisting to do it for you.

You may need two steps to do only. First, you may need to pay subscription charges + handset fees + first time topup charges in one shot. Second, you may need to give your NRC card and family census sheet to representative of 18184U in Yangon.

Two days time, you will get following things:
1. Internet accessible CDMA 800 SIM Card
2. Huawei C5720 or C8500 or C8600 Handset as per your choice
3. Internet ready credited account of 10,000 kyats

We had three option for you to choose:
C 8600

CDMA 800 Internet accessible phone with Huawei C5720 will be SGD 1000/ unit.
CDMA 800 Internet accessible phone with Huawei C8500 will be SGD 1200/ unit.
CDMA 800 Internet accessible phone with Huawei C8600 will be SGD 1300/ unit.

Your Benefit will be as follow:

1. You don't need to send money back to Yangon with money transfer agent, thus you can benefit loss of transaction rate changes.
2. You don't even need to go through mobile shops after shops to choose various handsets.
3. You don't need any technical knowledge to set up internet connection through CDMA handset, 18184U will be doing for you.

Kindly contact or +65 90662500 for details.

Soft Pouch Bag Carrier Slip Case iphone 2G 3G 3GS iPod

Now 18184U is selling Iphone soft pouches with lowest prices in town.You can choose whatever color you want from several varieties of the colors we had. Please refer to picture on the left. You all can get soft iphone pouches with S$ 5.00 per pieces.

Just like you are buying 1818 as usual, you can drop a sms "pouch" to mobile 90662500. 

The only different thing from 1818 is you will need to collect these pouches in personally. The regular customers of 1818 who had number registered with us can asked for one piece with S$ 3.00 only.

Don't hesitate!

Grab your soft pouches by today.


Grab Your Free* 1818 Today

Today 18184u started a program that can give you out 1818 for free*. Existing customers also can participate in this program. You may need to register your nick with your mobile number with us. Every card you buy from us, we will add points for your purchase. We will give you out 5 points/card you buy. When you reach up to 100 points, we will give you out one 1818 card for free*.

You may need to record down how many cards you buy and when. We will check your purchase history and give you out your free* card to you.

Why are you thinking? Take action NOW!!!

You can even call to your loved ones with totally FREE OF CHARGE!!!

*Terms and Conditions Apply. All rights reserved.

Call Your Loved One with ICC 1818

It is an ICC (International Calling Card) Selling Service emphasizing on Myanmar People in Singapore. We understand that sometime we all face difficulties especially at night time or urgent situation we needed to use ICC 1818, we just like to fulfill this requirement gap for you.


It is so simple.

Whenever you need to buy 1818, just send SMS "1818" to mobile number 90662500. Within a short while, you will receive reply with bank account number that you can transfer for number of cards you need to buy.

After transaction, you may need to send one more SMS to let us knows that you have done transaction. We will check your transaction and send back the 1818 card number to your mobile phone shortly.

How Much

S$ 8.50 per card only.

18184U DTP Service

Do you have any difficulties regarding to typing speed? Or not enough time to type whatever you want to type in? Do you have difficulties to type in a lot of handwritten paper into computer format? Don't worry...

Do you have difficulties to edit PDF or Jpeg? Or do you want to change scanned documents into Words format? Or do you want to convert whatever format to whatsoever format? Don't worry...

For all difficulties regarding to typing, and DTP issues, just give a call to 90662500 or send service request to

We can fulfill your requirements in error-less, and in time.

Just call to 90662500 or drop a message to

Thank you.

AutoCAD Course For You

You all know that AutoCAD skills can widen windows of your career opportunity in Singapore. We all like to share AutoCAD knowledge that we had from working environment in Singapore. We will use drawings that we used on site from various well known projects to expertise your understanding skills for real-life running projects. It will makes you to be in touch what you will need to know when you touch the drafting field on the ground.

Especially for professionals who are holding engineering certificates or degree will have better opportunities if you have AutoCAD knowledge. Why you hesitate, just give a call to 90662500 or drop a message to

We are waiting for you to enhance your career prospect with AutoCAD skills.